Saturday, August 25, 2018

Why Wittenberg?

The New Renaissance Theatre Company is known for our Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project productions that have toured the Pittsburgh area since 2014. This fall we are taking the next step in our journey by producing the Pittsburgh premier of Wittenbergby David Davalos. The choice was made by Elizabeth Ruelas, our first Artistic Director because it ticks a lot of the boxes in our mission:

There are classical and historical characters. There is a modern imagining of what an university would be like. The script offers opportunities for our company members to collaborate in different ways. It is also a fun play!

Hamlet returns to Wittenberg University after studying abroad in Poland over the summer where he encounters the new theories of Nicholas Copernick. His world is sent spinning, literally. He seeks advise and solace from his professors Dr. John Faustus and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther, whose own lives are shaken up. Faustus is in love, and Luther is struggling with the church. These three giants of renaissance England culture come together before they grow into the influential characters that we know them to be. Davalos’ witty campus comedy offers something for everyone, the fans of Hamletand Faustand for those who may not be familiar with their stories. 

It also presents an interesting situation, in which an enormous shift in consciousness and awareness of the world around the characters changes the laws and meanings of their very existence. Looking around us today, with the acceleration of technology and new advances in scientific and philosophic theories, it’s possible to believe that we are on the verge of such another discovery. What would happen to us today if all of a sudden, through the use of virtual reality, we discover some truth about existence of which we currently have no concept. How do you go back to work when you realize that what you’ve dedicated your life to no longer resembles the place where you have placed so much faith for so long? Unfortunately, very often, the one thing we want is the one thing we cannot have.

Already this project is presenting new exciting issues. First of all, we are selling tickets! We’ve started up with TicketLeap, so keep your eye out, and be sure to get your tickets early. We have also started a relationship with the Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural Center in Munhall, where we will perform Wittenberg. It’s an exciting time for us to forge new friendships and partners in the communities we serve. And for our friends, fans and followers it is an opportunity to support us in new endeavor as we continue to grow NRTC. 

Wittenberg goes up 19 – 28 October at the Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural Center, 915 Dickson Street in Munhall. Tickets will be on sale shortly. For more information, visit our website

- Andy Kirtland, Artistic Director
The New Renaissance Theatre Company

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